Are you getting fat just thinking about the holidays?

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years are getting closer and closer!

What do they all have in common?  FOOD!

Heavy meals, drinks, sweets, candy, cookies, pastry....all creeping closer, all ready to leap on your hips, thighs and butt.  Stop the assault on your waistline and on your body.  Help is available!  Free yoursdlf from the millions of celebrating calories that want YOU for their dinner!

Join us for an afternoon of education and tasting.  Stop those sneaky calories before they end up in your body, and you end up on another endless cycle of dieting and deprivation.  Learn to control your appetite easily and effortlessly.  Allow yourself to choose to eat healthier and enjoy it.  Give yourself an amazing new gift for the holidays, a new healthier you with the body your want.

Sign up today, and fit right in!

Email or call 917-292-2069 to register.

Sunday November 14, 3:00 pm at my fabulous new home located at  #1 Northside Piers, PH10, Brooklyn NY 11211.  Easily accessible by the Bedford stop on the L train