Whether your goal is improved fitness, to run your first 5k, improve your running pace, or expand your distance and endurance, this program is for you.  Yes there is a social component to this group and you will enjoy the benefits of support from your peers, but the emphasis of this program is on setting and meeting goals.

This group is coached by Carla Weier, an RRCA certified running coach.  My additional qualifications include Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutrition Counselor.  My experience in all of these areas is applied to my running program, which is why this group is unlike any other running program available in the area.

Prior to joing the program you will complete an application.  This is followed by a phone consultation so that I clearly understand your goals, abilities, current level of commitment, and we can discuss any concerns you many have moving forward in the program.


  • A fun group environment to run with two days a week for a period of 8 weeks.
  • Each run includes a warm up and cool down with stability, strength, and power training exercises where appropriate.
  • A written program to safely progress you to your goals.  Each week you will have a running calendar with training goals for the week.  The programs will be varied depending on your experience level.
  • Educational information during our weekly sessions and via email on topics related to running including but not limited to injury prevention, nutrition during running, strength training, setting realistic goals, heart rate training, and importance of a balanced diet.
  • A complimentary physical assessment including body fat analysis and analysis of muscle imbalances.  I can then create a personalized strength and flexibility program to improve these imbalances so that your feel better through both daily activities and running. *

* Additional fee applies to create and distribute a unique flexibility and strength program.

Call 917-292-2069 or email me carlaweier@compleatfitness.com to get started.


  • Private and semi private personal training services in your home gym.
  • Private running coaching for those who have longer distance goals or prefer a more personal approach.
  • Private nutrition counseling programs.
  • I offer a distance learning program to meet the needs of people who do not have the time and/or resources to work regularly with me but would like some personal instruction and regular feedback on training regimens.
  • VO2 max testing.  Using a treadmill we determine what your target HR training zones are.
  • Consultation on selecting an appropriate HR monitor, how to get started using your monitor and setting appropriate zones.  This process begins by completing a VO2 test.  I am experienced with Polar systems and Garmin systems.
  • Cleanse your way to better health with the Isagenix Cleansing Program.  Purchase of the program includes private nutritional cleanse coaching from me.
  • Referral Rewards program.  When you refer someone to one of my programs I reward you with a personalized gift.