Last night David and I  celebrated our  11 year anniversary and since two of my early morning clents cancelled we splurged a bit and stayayed out too late.  I'm mostly crabby, but also not feeling motivated at all.  Later today we drive out to the Forth Fork of Long Isalnd to spend time with in-laws and I"m really looking forward to time with them as well as training outside of the city.  So today was supposed to be easy anyway, but I cut my ride 15 min short, from 1 hour down to 45 minutes. I set my trainer up outside.  Warmed up for 15 minutes and then managed to work torough a pretty good workout.  Working about 8bpm below threshold i did 3 minutes seated at 60rpm, 3 min standing 60rpm, 2 min seated 50rpm, 2 min standing 70rpm, 1 min seated 40rpm, 1 min standing 80 rpm.  Recover for 3 minutes at 90rpm seated.  Repeated the entire set.  Sweating a bit, along with a lot of water was good for my hangover.