We headed out of Brooklyn on Friday for a weekend with family in the North Fork.  Perfect envirnoment for tri training.  Pleanty of open water oppertunities, easy rolling hills (similar to the NYC tri course next weekend) and beautiful open road scenery for running. Today I rode my last long ride before the NYC triathlon.  My intention was to have a good time, get used to race gearing with the new bars and take it fairly easy.  I Rode the first hour at a high cadence (70-85) against the wind.  Didn't realize how strong that wind was until i turned around and found myself back to the cottage 15 minutes sooner than planned.  On the return i worked a lower cadence at lower gears.  Had a great time flying home.  My bike feels really good although i feel the angle of the bars could be changed so my wrists are more relaxed.  Will work on that after the race.

After my ride we set out to explore beaches.  Found a good one for me to do a little open water swimming.  I'll be over on my training hours for the week with this additional swim, so the idea is to just enjoy the water, adjust my wetsuit so it doesn't rub on my neck like the last time I wore it, and to feel what it's like to swim in current.  Only swam about 30 minutes.  Water was actually too warm for a full suit and was surprised by that.   I never felt too warm with my last suit which didn't have sleeves.  Was glad i had the sleeves though because ran into a few jelly fish out there.  Hopefully I won't experience the jellyfish attack at the NYC tri like lat year.  If so, i'm prepared!