Today is the start of my race week.  The NYC tri is on Sunday and I just checked my start time, 6:38am.  Brutal.  I'm only training 6.5 hours this week and everything is easy.  Time to watch food intake.  Since the weekend was pretty hard and today is a sunny day will head out to the read hook pool. Want to swim for just an hour.  Start with a quick warm up then set my tempo trainer to a slow 1:20sec stroke rate and swam 2 laps counting strokes and keeping track of time for the 160 meters.  Increase rate to 1:10 and then 1sec.  Best time was  1 sec at  3:36 but felt like i would get sloppy with my form if I continued for a long swim.  Took a short rest and set tempo trainer to 1:10 for my 1500meter swim.  Felt relaxed and think my head position was better than in past although i still need that massage.  Finished in 35:36 with av of 36-38 stokes consistantly per length.  Happy with that.  Next and last swim before the race will try a 1 sec stroke rate.  Finished after 55 min and did a quick cool down.

At home did 10 min of abdominal work.  Plan to keep weight training this week light (no legs) and all short sessions on Tuesday through Friday between clients.