Started my morning with a little bit of shoulder work during the hour i had between clients..  Took about 15 minutes to do some pt on my shoulder and then about 20 minutes of strength endurance.  Fit in 5 movements at 12-15 reps.  Going to keep all weight training light this week leading into the race. Today it's disgusting out.  It's a bit cool and raining off and on so my plan to put in a short hour on the trainer indoors worked well.  I did a variation on a program i sometimes do for longer periods.  Started with a good 12 minute warm up then set my HR goal for the climbing at 8-12 beats below my lactate threshold.  Spent 5 minutes at a cadence of 60-65 and then 20 minutes at 50-55 cadence.  Took 2 minutes rest at light 90rpm and repeated.  Legs feel totally recovered from weekend.  Helped to just have a swim day yesterday.  This should have felt fairly hard, but did not.  Won't push my luck any further this week though.  Will put in one more ride on the trainer thursday or friday and take it really easy.