This morning was looking beautiful compared to the bleak weather from yesterday.  I finished with cleints in the morning and immediately put on my running clothes.  Perfect day for my last run before the race.  The plan is to take it easy and insert 20-30 strides at 7:30mm or so. My favorite short run is over the brooklyn bridge, around city hall park and back. It was early enough that the tourists were not out yet and the humidity hadn't picked up.  With that said, i wasn't able to stick with my plan.  My legs were feeling great and I took the bridge hills a bit hard.  My average pace was still as planned but got a bit overzelous after about 2 miles into the run.

After the run i went down to the gym in my building and did a short 25 minute circut focusing on back, chest and rear delts.  3 pull exercises, three push exercises x3 with little rest.  all with 12-20 reps focusing on stabilization strength.  Finished with 10 min of abs.  Shoulder feels good today so tomorrow should be a good swim, weather pending.