I put together my program for the half iron i want to race in October and have to start building up my long runs.  So i started with today, only 5 days after the NYC triathlon.  Why today?  Well i have a long bike ride planned for Saturday or Sunday depending on weather.  Preferrably Sunday.   I felt good leaving for the run and planned to keep it very slow.  It's just gotten so humid and hot suddenly that i can't tell if my resulting run times and HR are due to needing more rest or the humidity. I set out to Prospect Park for an 11 mile run.  My last long-ish run was 9 miles a week before the race.  I really have not been runing more than 10 miles at a time, but generally I can set off for a long easy run without really building up for ittoo much and i feel 11 is a reasonable goal.  This summer I have not done anything longer than 11 because I'be been putting more time in to biking and swimmiing.  My intention is to take it really easy, like marathon training pace.  That part went well.  Never felt the need to go faster than 9:30 mmexcept downhill and that's what concerns me.

Warmed up easy the 2 miles mostly up hill to the park and continued at a consistant 80-82% Max HR to  5.5 miles and turned around.  Although i was enjoying the run ( I lucked out, the rain stopped just before my run) I feel no urge to go any faster and this is really slow for me.  Turned around and continued home at the same slow pace.

I'm leaving later today to head out to the North Fork.  Taking my bike and am planning a 3 hour ride, fairly flat and really easy.  Going to have David ride with me which will keep me from pushing harder.  We usually only warm up together and then I push ahead.  Also plan to get in some open water swimming.

Nutrition wise i had an Isalean shake before the run, a hammer gel at turn around, drank Want More Energy electrolyte replacement immediately returning home.  Had a half of another shake and will eat a chicken wrap in the car driving out.  Hope traffic isnt too bad and can arrive in time to join our family at a Greek restaurant.  My sights are on a big salad, stuffed grape leaves and NO SWEETS.