Yesterday we drove out to Long Island to visit family.  Always enjoy training here, expecially in the summer when i't never really hot and there's always a breeze.  Saturday morning was perfect.  It rained the night before but the roads were dry. Set out for a recovery log ride.  I'ts just 6 days past my NYC tri race and i want to increase my long rides starting with today.  The terrain is fairly flat, wide shoulder, and some rolling hills.  Perfect for an easy long ride.  David set out with me but is planning on no more tha 2 hours.  I planned for an out and back.  Wind was light and that made it easy to stick to my Zone 2 target heart rate.  This was probably the longest ride of the season for me, 54 miles, av 18mph and av hr 127bpm.

Enjoyed this ride thoroughly.  Spent much of the rest of the afternoon at a secluded beach that would have been perfect for swimming, but really just wanted to relax, and that's exactly what i did.